2012: end of the restoration of the cloister

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Started in 2008, the works on the cloister will be completed by the end of 2012, 250 years after the construction of this historic gem. Let’s go through the history of the restoration!

The cloister, at the arrival of the Canons in 2004

Details on the restoration work

2008-2009: laying the first scaffolding and recovery vaults of the east wing.

2009: consolidation of the pillars and arches

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Installation of tie on the north wing
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Belt at the bottom of concrete roofs for interrelating four wings and stabilize the assembly.

2009-2010: Resumption of roofs

September 2010: disposal of rainwater

Establishment of a drain and a well to enhance the drainage of rainwater.

January-May 2011: Removal of pavement

The terracotta tiles of the pavement are removed. On this occasion an enigmatic construction is discovered. It has puzzled the archaeologists.

A little further, they discover a vault. It contains the bones of a benefactor of the abbey, who was buried there at an unknown period.

July 2011: Finally a new pavement is installed combining new and old tiles. 2012: Excavations

2012 : fouilles

Taking advantage of a delay in the completion of the garden, archaeologists come back and make soundings. They may have found a wall of the Carolingian church.

During the symposium organized by the ASMVAL, Mr. Christian Markievicz exposes his team’s discoveries in situ.

June-July 2012: Drawing of the garden and setting of the flowerbeds.

August 2012: Construction of the central basin

Basin offered by a skills sponsorship of the Rodrigues-Bizeul company.

September 2012: planting of the box trees.

The cloister completed.