Symposium on cloisters

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17-18 March 2012: Symposium "cloistered life and Cloisters: Abbeys’ architecture and culture "

- From the cloister to the land development
Sylvie Caucanas, director of departmental archives of the Aude
- The ancient cloisters of Lagrasse
Christian Markievicz, archaeologist
- The Maurist cloister of Lagrasse
Jean-Louis Rebière, chief architect of historical monuments
- The place of monastic space in the monastic and canonical life
Professeur André Bonnery, docteur d’État
- Cloister and mystical garden in medieval canonical tradition
Father Patrice Sicard, canon regular of St. Victor, College of Bernardine, CNRS IRHT
- From the monastic rules to the Rule of St. Augustine
Father Michel, canon regular of Lagrasse, docteur en philosophie (University of Paris IV Sorbonne)

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Programme du colloque