The roofs

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5,000 square metres of roofing to restore


  • Testing and restoration of all the frameworks, and anti-parasite treatment.
  • Repair of the roofs.

Construction made : Roofing on the southern wing of the building

All the frames of the roofing are being repaired. 

2007 :

Local repairs will not suffice : the framework needs a full restoration, the 1,200 m² of roofing have to be removed and the isolation must be resumed.

January 2008 :

The entire facade is surrounded by scaffoldings. A crane is set up.

March 2008 :

TERREAL Company becomes a sponsor of ASMVAL and gives to the association 25 000 languedoc tiles for free.

May 2008 :

The sound portion of the framework has been consolidated. But sometimes a full replacement is needed, as for this new framework with its 11m main beam, assembled on the ground !

September 2008 :

The alignements of the tiles are clear again. Copper gutter are installed : water won’t run along the facade anymore.