Rebirth and prospects

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A new owner

The Abbot of Lagrasse with our vice-president

Since 2004, a new owner lives within these walls. The Community of the Canons Regular of the Mother of God lives its religious life here. Far from closing this prestigious place to visitors, the community has, since its installation, reopened the doors of this abbey to all the people of Lagrasse and to those who are passionate about our religious inheritance. Many of those appreciate that this place is alive again.

A long-term work.

The ASMVAL association has a great interest in the presence of a religious community in this building to safeguard and restore it. Apart from the guarantee of respect for the vocation of this place, the religious life assures in time the investments of today. History gives us an indisputable witness of this.

« Lagrasse has exercised a major influence in Languedoc for 1200 years. That is not an accident. Such a history is promising for the future. »

Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie,
of the Institute, Professor emeritus at the Collège de France