Seminars on Maurists Moines at the Abbey of Lagrasse

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2 days conference - open to all

The Benedictine monks of Saint-Maur’s congregation arrived at the Abbey of Lagrasse in 1663.

Their Benedictine Congregation, the most famous of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, included scholars, theologians, architects...

Their work managed to unite science and piety in a solid erudition, of which Bernard and Jean Mabillon Monfaucon were the most illustrious representatives. Over 350 years have passed since their installation in Lagrasse but their memory and work still remain. This is an opportunity for ASMVAL to honor them .

Saturday, March 15th from 14:30 to 17:30

Day hosted by André Lévy, Ph.D. in History, honorary president of Friends of the Abbey of Saint-Vincent du Mans.

- Benedict Bousquet, University of Perpignan:
The Maurist community of Lagrasse (1663-1792)
- Marie-Luce Pujalte-Fraisse, University of Toulouse:
Classic architecture in Lagrasse
- Jean-Noël Michaud, University of Montpellier:
Presentation of Dom Trichaud’s Chronicon

Saturday, April 5th from 14:30 to 17h

Day hosted by Jean Barbey, professor of law faculties, ASMVAL President.

- Jean-Louis Quantin, Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, Sorbonne:
The Maurist monks and Jansenism
- Dom Thierry Barbeau O.S.B, Abbey of Solesmes:
St. Benedict’s rule read by the Maurist monks
- Raymond Rogé, Doctor of Philology, University of Toulouse:
Dom Bernard de Montfaucon of Rocquetaillade : Aude, Maurist and scholar